Web Summit 2018

Last week I was blessed to join ABN AMRO on a trip to Lisbon where the biggest IT conference in the world was taking place. We attended all the days of the conference and joined a lot of talks. I hope that I can inspire you with this blog to research the technologies, solutions or cool applications that I have seen at Web Summit 2018.

Web summit image

Digital peace #fortheweb

The keynote speaker during the opening of Web Summit was Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web (www). He told us that in 2019 we will reach a milestone where half of the world population will be able to access the World Wide Web. This sounds amazing, but there is a huge problem with the content on the internet. These days there is fake news, inaccessible websites due to pop-up advertising, cookie walls etc. Tim wants to put a hold to that by making a contract that everybody should behave on the www.

Personally, I don’t see how a contract will help in letting people and companies behave on the internet, but we will see what happens. What I noticed during the conference is that Tim is not the only one that emphasizes that the internet becomes a bad place more and more. For example, Microsoft’s president Brad Smith tells us about the increasing amount of cyber threats, and that governments are weaponizing the internet, which eventually could harm real people in the real world. What do you think? Is the internet becoming a bad place? You can find more about these topics here:

Full on AWS

AWS hosted a hands-on workshop every hour on all kinds of topics, from AI to a simple website. Unfortunately, the hands-on workshops where not completely hands-on. We did not build stuff ourselves. Nevertheless, it gave me a lot of inspiration. The first workshop I visited was an easy one: building a simple website with AWS. Only now we put that on steroids with a service of AWS called CodeStar. This cool service can set up a complete AWS environment with everything you need as a developer. And yes, I mean everything. In CodeStar you click on the button ‘give me a NodeJS project’. It will initialize everything you need to start building: CI/CD pipeline, git repository, lamba’s, S3 bucket etc. In another workshop we saw how Graph databases can help in maintaining relations much better than the normal relational databases (depending on the use case). Later we learned how you can make much more efficient and faster API’s with GraphQL. I think GraphQL will eventually become the way how we communicate with API’s. If you want to see the hands-on sessions you can find them on twitch:

Creative use of tech

A startup called WayRay evented a technique where they could project AR images on the windshield of a car. Which resulted in an investment from Porche of $80 million. I was impressed how far they are with making these “holographic” images. You can see an example in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY95Wnlp5l4. Or an other start up that created shoes for the virtual reality world. When you shuffle with those shoes you could walk around but stay on the same place in the real world. What for me as a game nerd sounds amazing!


I expected Web Summit 2018 to contain a bit more coding instead of only talking. If you want to learn something new I don’t think this is the right place for you, but you can get inspired to find out what kind of technologies are there. Now I have some researching to do in all the new tech that I found there. And Ill share that in the upcoming blog posts!