Frontend Developers Meetup

Hi there, as Capgemini employees we were able to create our first meetup last Thursday. Capgemini has a community called 'WebApps' where we show and tell our futurestack or whatever cool stuff we find on the internet and share with each other. Usually, these meetings are for Capgemini employees only, but this time it was for everyone who was interested.

Capgemini meetup image

How can I join?

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Started off with Haskell

Florian van der Wielen, one of the leads of WebApps community, talked about Haskell and how functional programming improved his JavaScript coding. JavaScript on its own is not a functional programming language, but Haskell is... this means that you can code in a 'Functional style', while not using a functional programming lanuage.

Front end at the frontline

Secondly, we had a nice talk about building front end @ the ministry of defence. Unfortunately (but expected) a lot of information was confidential. Luckily we learned which stack they are using, which is docker with openstack. However, they were not able to tell us what products from openstack they where using.

Frameworkless frontend

We saved the best for last! Goffert van Gool gave an inspirational talk about the frameworks of front end and that you don't always need them. In 10 minutes he made a framework-ish environment where you can do 2-way data binding, which is even faster then vue, react and Angular. It's definitely worth it to take a look at his slides, which you can find here and if you want to see his github account click here

Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications about the next meetup here Hope to see you all there!!